Giving Voice Apprenticeship Program

CBC’s digital channel documentary and The Documentary Organization of Canada | l’Association des documentaristes du Canada (DOC) are proud to announce the establishment of a documentary masters apprenticeship program—Giving Voice: Filmmakers Working with Filmmakers. The program, funded by documentary, is the extension of DOC’s widely attended public Masters’ Speaker Series: Filmmakers Talking to Filmmakers.

Giving Voice: Filmmakers Working with Filmmakers is designed for documentary professionals transitioning to the next stage of their career. The program offers the apprentice the unique opportunity of “in-the-field” training with a veteran master of the documentary craft. The chosen apprentices will work with the masters for a period of four months during production and will have the experience of absorbing winning approaches and techniques, as well as the rare opportunity to learn from an established and recognized documentary filmmaker while witnessing their creative process. The goal is for the apprentices to benefit from the experience of a seasoned professional who can offer guidance and inspiration that can then be taken back to their own projects in development.

For more information on Giving Voice: Filmmakers Working with Filmmakers please contact DOC National's Communication and Member Services Coordinator Adèle Charlebois :
(T) 416.599.3844 x2 / toll free 1 877 467.4485 x2


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