Slum of Millionaires

Slum of MillionairesIn Slum of Millionaires, players try to become a millionaire while exploring Dharavi, Asia's largest slum in the heart of Mumbai. Sharavi's streets come alive through our characters, and an isometric view allows full exploration of the slum. Taking one of several routes featuring short guided video tours of workspaces, shops, and homes, players will find the characters in various locations. The tour provides an idea of some of the million lives in Dharavi, the 'zoomable' isometric view shows the slum from several positions and gives an overview and understanding of the physical structure and cramped conditions.

Rama Rau, Director: Rama Rau writes and directs character-driven stories that are intimate but universal,  which may come from any part of the globe.

Ed Barreveld, Producer: Ed Barreveld is CEO of Storyline Entertainment, an award winning documentary production company.